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At Sentinel Performance and Strength every trainer conducts a unparalleled training program clinically proven to deliver real results. Your trainer undergoes a rigorous training that steadily evolves in expertise, so you get results and get to the top—together.

Personal Training

At SPS we ensure real human match-making. That’s how we connect you with the right trainer. This is about more than reps and sets—this is about finding someone who can inspire you to greater heights. When you meet the right person, the results can be extraordinary.


These are just the financial incentives; becoming a member is like having a home away from home. We always have fun events going on for our members, whether you’re a weekend warrior or just breaking in your pair of sneakers. Contact us if you have any questions.

It's about the routine

It's about the discipline.

It's about consistency.

Growth takes time.

Stay the course!

Bodies Enhanced

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Discover what you’re made of. Get a personalized fitness snapshot and find out where your greatest potential lies.

The Blog

Kids FUNdamentals

KiDs Fundamentals Class Trying to think of a fun way to introduce fitness and the foundation of sports into your child’s life? Then, this new and innovative class is the perfect way to launch exercise enthusiasm into a young person’s life. We will cover the basis of...

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Why Sentinel ?!?

  WHY SENTINEL? You might have wondered, what is the origin for the name, Sentinel. The text definition of Sentinel is: a soldier or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch. A protector, the lookout, similar to a lighthouse for ships approaching the coast from deep...

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The harder you workout, the harder you need to recover. This is a simple principle ignored by many, but suffered by most. It’s the equivalent to driving a new car off the lot, and never once taking your car for an oil change. Eventually, the performance will suffer...

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