Caleb Hunt

Caleb is a certified USAW L1 Sports Performance Coach, Bulgarian Bag Instructor (Lvl Suples Fit) through Suples Training Systems, youth fitness specialist, and personal trainer. A true fitness enthusiast and former college football player at Kean University, Caleb is strongly dedicated to helping individuals of ALL AGES reach their fitness goals and athletic performance.

Through his experience, including directing multiple sports and fitness programs for kids, Caleb’s training philosophy integrates fun with movements and sound technique. Caleb’s workouts are equally matched by his infectious energy and positive attitude that are both inspiring and motivating.

Committed to a “fitness” lifestyle, Caleb is consistently challenging himself in the gym as well as through sports and hobbies. His strong passion for fitness is instrumental in helping everyone reach their full potential, mentally and physically. With every workout offering its own unique signature, Caleb delivers result-driven training sessions.