We have a few Events coming up and we hope you will join us!
12/16/18 @ 10:00am (Sunday Morning)

We will be having a charity event called “The Brute Force 12 Days of Christmas Workout” You can read more details and find out how to sign up below.

Brute Force 12 Days of X-Mas 12/16/18

12/16/18 @ 1:00pm (Sunday Afternoon)
After “The Brute Force 12 Days of XMas” we will be having our first annual Ugly Sweater Party and POTLUCK gathering.

Ugly Sweater Party 12/16/18 @ 1PM

12/21/18 @ 7:00pm (Friday Night)
We will be celebrating Christmas early with the “Santa Smackdown Competition” More details about how to sign up and what events we will be having below.

Santa Smackdown 12/21/18 @ 7PM