Classic Membership



The CLASSIC MEMBERSHIP is for the exercise enthusiast looking to focus on their work capacity and muscular endurance. It is a great membership for those who are looking to simply cross-train or need to switch it up from their normal exercise routine. If you are a strength athlete, this is a great way to cross-train and sprinkle in some fun endurance training! The loading elements used will be sleds, kettlebells, dumbbells, and sandbags etc. If you love to condition, already have an established strength training routine, do not need the accountability in any other facets of your fitness, and enjoy challenging your cardiac output? Then this is the membership for you. Let us do the thinking for you while you reap the benefits of our Work Capacity Classes.


The PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP is the gym goer looking for a bit more accountability and is looking for a goal oriented program when it comes to their fitness endeavors. The “Premium Membership” opens up the schedule to our “Strength Specificity Classes”. These classes allow for you to tackle on compound barbell movements found in sports such as; Olympic weightlifting, Strongman, and Powerlifting. Furthermore, more methods and concepts will be introduced that involve more instruction in a small group setting such as; Bulgarian Bag and the Fit Ball to name a few. This package offers accountability, weekly check-ins, and a bi-weekly body composition analysis, as well as nutritional guidance. This package is for those who need the push and need to be held accountable, but also like variety in their strength development.


The ELITE MEMBERSHIP includes everything in the Premium MEMBERSHIP plus more! This membership covers every single facet of personalized training, instruction, and accountability. This membership is a great way to jump-start your fitness, but it is also for those who need a push and a direction. Furthermore, this membership is a great way to really accomplish your goals, whether they are performance based or physique based. The built-in personal training sessions allow you to focus and centralize your energy on specific goals that require more personal instruction then what you would get in a small group setting. Whether you are a weekend warrior involved in races, recreational activities, or competitive sports, this membership will allow you to create a program tailored to your strengths and weaknesses while implementing tools for recovery. Basically, you have full range and access of the gym to make your fitness goals a reality!


Discover what you’re made of. Get a personalized fitness snapshot and find out where your greatest potential lies.