First Workout at SPS

Blessed my facility with my 1st workout on the new floor! Until, I was introduced to the Fit Ball and programming by @ikffken, I honestly thought it was just another fitness gimmick. I am a barbell and loading FIEND, so most of the time I’m just trying to move weight, whether it’s strength based or work capacity focused! Strongman! Unfortunately, I suffered some injuries over the summer and had to reevaluate how much I was actually taxing my CNS. We often harp on our strength or conditioning building routine and NEVER post about a RECOVERY/RESTORE program. This workout to me is an example of active recovery due to the lack of axial loading, with this workout I am able to key on my conditioning. I am definitely feeling the Fit Ball! I can’t wait to tie flows together with it & teach it to my future members @sps_fit