Santa Smackdown 12/21/18 @ 7PM

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12/21 FRIDAY

The Santa Smackdown
Friday night! 7p! Athletes please show-up by 6:15P for the rules and explanation of the events. The 6P Work Capacity will be canceled that evening. This event is for the young athletes! This is a 3-person team event. Start your monster team assembling NOW! There will be 2 divisions and only 4 teams per division. The Pro Division and the Veterans Division, the division the team will be put in will be decided by the coaches to ensure a fair and competitive event. Volunteers will be needed for judges and event coordinators!

Date: Friday 12/21 (7P – 10P)
*Competitors MUST Arrive by 6:15P to check-in*
Rules Announcement and Event Standards will be explained after check-in
Location: SPS Fit
700 Campus Drive, Suite A
Morganville, NJ 07751
Fee: $45 per team of 3 ($15 per person)
Ages: 9 – 19 years of age
– PRO Division – Ages 9-14
– VETERANS Division – Ages 15-20
10 Team MAX
This is a PUBLIC Event and Non-members may join your team

Sponsors & Guests
– The Jersey Dugout and more to be named…

Food, Prizes & Gifts!
Come support a great cause and have Fun!!

Events – PRO Division
1. Bench Press
Time Cap: 6 minutes
Weights : M – 35 lbs. (3), 55 lbs. (5), 75 lbs. (7)
F – 15 lbs., 35 lbs., 45 lbs.
Each team will choose a weight! The team will swap out tag-team style and the
team with the most reps x points at the end of the 6 minutes will win the event!

2. Sandbag Ladder
Time Cap: 15 minutes
Weights: M – Blue Bag (35 lbs.) F – Pink Bag (25 lbs.)
– Sandbag Bear Crawl + Sprint x2 (bag is left on other side) x5
– Sandbag Front Squats x50
– Bag may NOT touch the ground once the squats begin or there will be a 10 burpee penalty
– Sled Push x270 yards
*This is a chipper workout and each element must be completed prior to moving onto the next part of the workout.

3. SPS Strong
Time Cap: 15 minutes
– Timed Cone Suicides x9 (1st Part)
– 120 Push-ups for time (2nd Part)
– Keg Toss for distance (3rd Part)
– Where ball stops rolling!

4. Best Dressed
– The best dressed team!

*Events may be subject to change up to the day of the event
For more information please call us at 732-792-3649 or email us at
Events – VETERANS Division
1. The SPS Total
Time Cap: 6 min. for each
– a/k Hang Clean – Best Lift from each member
– Deadlift – Best Lift from each member
– Bench Press – Best Lift from each member
*The best lift from each member becomes that team’s total and overall score.

2. Lap & Load
Time Cap: 12 min.
Weights: Brute Ball – 85 lbs. or 105 lbs.
– Sprint x10-8-6-4-2
– Brute Ball Lap & Load x10-8-6-4-2
– Sandbag Bear Crawl + Rope x10
-Bear Crawl down + Rope Pull = 2

3. SAQ
Best Score
– Broad Jump Total – Total of ALL 3 members/2 attempts per member
– Max Box Jump – Total of ALL 3 members/3 attempts per member
– Obstacle Course x2 – Total Time of ALL 3 members
– Weighted Sled Push x270 yards
-Movements TBA

*Events may be subject to change up to the day of the event
For more information please call us at 732-792-3649 or email us at


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