About Us

Sentinel Performance and Strength (SPS) was founded in 2017 and is locally owned. SPS is the premier facility for sports performance, fitness, and wellness in Monmouth County. Our 6,500 square foot state of the art facility, is built for athletes and programmed for EVERYONE.

SPS provides a cutting edge facility and training style within an environment where people will be “celebrated”. Individuals here will be able to identify measurable, attainable results using programs created to see improvement inside and outside the facility. With a strong focus on specificity and individuality, each member will be able to enhance performance goals and needs, all while improving their overall fitness and wellness. Our unique customized programming and energized coaching will help every individual fulfill their desired goals and needs.

Our coaching staff is a group of leading fitness professionals in the field of performance enhancement, personal training, and wellness. We put precedence on education and experience. Our coaches have a bachelor’s degrees or higher in kinesiology, and exercise science. They also hold fitness certifications from nationally accredited institutions. You will also find our coaching staff attending national fitness seminars, researching up-to-date literature on the fitness realm, and/or pursuing continuing education. We enjoy being on the cutting edge when it comes to quality of life. We are keen on ensuring the enjoyment and progress of your desired fitness goals. Exercising is a privilege, so enjoy it! Sweat, smile, and repeat!