How is SPS Different

Gathering the various different ways to exercise and accomplish fitness goals, here at SPS we pride ourselves on our willingness to adapt to YOU, the client. We understand your goals and will proceed in taking every possible approach to find the right program for YOU.

The specificity to implement various principles on establishing an efficient, productive, and enjoyable routine is our primary concern. There are several different methods, concepts, and philosophies for improving fitness and health. Strongman, kettle bells, Olympic Weightlifting, Bulgarian Bag, Steel Mace Training, and flow, are just a few to name. SPS will incorporate them all, from odd objects, to flow, to establishing efficient movements patterns. We will help you reach your peak potential, whether strength, physique, or wellness.

Through thorough assessments, and close observation at your injury history, training experience, goals, and other factors, we will be able to safeguard exactly what your capabilities are, We’ll then be able to outline your specific goals that will be both measurable and attainable.

Customized individual programming is designed in detail with all of the information gathered from your assessments by our medical staff and fitness professionals. We take pride in our attention to detail and ensure to take the time to do it right. No shortcuts. Through consistent positive reinforcement, expert coaching, and an established baseline, you will be able to achieve, maintain, and enjoy RESULTS!